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Midwest Lending Corporation is an independently owned residential mortgage broker focusing on the needs of our customers and our communities. At Midwest Lending Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to match all our clients with the best loan program for their needs. Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your dream home, Midwest Lending Corporation is the lender you have been searching for.

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Recent Articles

Even More Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts – Set Yourself Up for Success!
A few months back, we talked about what you should, and what you shouldn’t do when buying a home (see that post HERE).  The mortgage process typically lasts between 30-40 days, and through that whole period, your Loan Officer will be communicating with you, letting you know...
No Reason to Fear FHA
A flood of editorial content hits online every minute of every day.  We’re constantly barraged with information from sources both corporate and personal, and unfortunately, it’s often hard to separate fact from biased opinion.  This is especially true in...
Student Loan Debt - HUD Offers Relief
Getting a college education in today’s day and age is not done on the cheap; many students need substantial financial aid in order to ensure their opportunity to graduate with a degree.  According to a study by the Institute for College Access & Success, 69% of students...
Condominium sales are hot throughout most of the country - especially in big cities like Chicago.  But when deciding between a single family residence and a condo, one needs to know all the facts; making a decision based on a low sales price could result in regret down the road. ...

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