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Midwest Lending Corporation is an independently owned residential mortgage broker focusing on the needs of our customers and our communities. At Midwest Lending Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to match all our clients with the best loan program for their needs. Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your dream home, Midwest Lending Corporation is the lender you have been searching for.

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Recent Articles

Refinancing - Test New Waters
Unless you have an aversion to the daily news (and we can’t blame you if you do), you’ve no doubt heard Economists, Market Analysts, and certainly Mortgage Brokers shouting to the rooftops about what a great time it is to refinance your home. And they’re not wrong -...
How to Get Your House Ready for the Ball
The process of selling your home can be stressful, and getting the process started can seem overwhelming. Should you make repairs? Maybe upgrade that carpet? Overhaul your front and back yard to impress prospective buyers? The last thing you probably want to do is dump a bunch of money...
Won’t You Be Our Neighbor?
You’ve bought the perfect home, and have settled in to what looks like the quaintest community this side of Mayberry. Your neighbors wave as you pull in the driveway, and bring over a plate of brownies to welcome you the neighborhood. The house is mere blocks from a great school that...
Putting the Right Team Together
You’ve done everything right.  You saved up enough for a solid down payment.  You met with a Mortgage Professional, determined how much house you can afford, and have a pre-approval letter in hand.  You’ve proved your purchasing ability, putting...

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