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Midwest Lending Corporation is an independently owned residential mortgage broker focusing on the needs of our customers and our communities. At Midwest Lending Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to match all our clients with the best loan program for their needs. Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your dream home, Midwest Lending Corporation is the lender you have been searching for.

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Recent Articles

Putting the Right Team Together
You’ve done everything right.  You saved up enough for a solid down payment.  You met with a Mortgage Professional, determined how much house you can afford, and have a pre-approval letter in hand.  You’ve proved your purchasing ability, putting...
Building Something Out of Nothing
Raising and maintaining a good credit score can be difficult, even for the most financially savvy among us.  It’s easy to rely a little too heavily on those credit cards, or forget to set that utility bill to ‘auto-pay’.  One or two missteps, and you can...
Securing Your Home Away from Home
In the blink of an eye, and with a cascade of falling sparks, the 4th of July holiday has come and gone.  Where it may seem like only yesterday we first put on a pair of shorts in 2016, the reality is that kids will be heading back in school in about a month.  Soon after the leaves will...
Calculating Your Future
Shopping for home financing isn’t easy.  There are a seemingly endless array of financial  products out there, which your Mortgage Professional will gladly walk you through to determine the best course of action for you.  But even before you call Midwest...

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