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Midwest Lending Corporation is an independently owned residential mortgage broker focusing on the needs of our customers and our communities. At Midwest Lending Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to match all our clients with the best loan program for their needs. Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your dream home, Midwest Lending Corporation is the lender you have been searching for.

Serving Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Recent Articles

Backwards Thinking?
Earlier this week, a story came out about a 95-year-old woman who almost lost the house she’d lived in for over 50 years, after her lender foreclosed on her reverse mortgage.  Luckily, thanks to the work of an attorney for the Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE), she was able to...
Appraisal Came in Low? Just Breathe...
The end is in sight.  You’ve answered all the questions, completed all the paperwork, and given the lender everything they’ve asked for.  You are mere days away from completing the mortgage process, and receiving the keys to a new home for you and your family. And...
You Really Should Get the Credit
If a loan officer stays in the business long enough, they will likely encounter a borrower who makes a substantial amount of money, but still has trouble qualifying for a mortgage.  There are several factors that may contribute to this situation, but the most common is a poor credit...
That Personal Touch
Earlier this year, we expressed our concerns with the current industry trend toward online lending, and the removal of the professional, hands-on component of shopping for a mortgage.  Today’s buyers are younger, busier, and more internet savvy than ever –...

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