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Midwest Lending is an independently owned residential mortgage broker focusing on the needs of our customers and our communities. At Midwest Lending, we pride ourselves on our ability to match all our clients with the best loan program for their needs. At Midwest Lending, we wholeheartedly believe that homeownership —  and the pride, security, and stability that come with it — is the cornerstone of the modern American Dream.

Recent Articles

Buying a New Home While Selling Your Current Home
Do you remember what it was like to buy your first home? If it has been several years, you might be pleasantly surprised just how much easier it is today! The days of signing piles of paper while waiting weeks for a decision are over thanks to today’s online mortgage technology...
6 Smart Reasons to Refi Your Home Loan Today
Low-interest rates are the most common reason that homeowners choose to refinance their home loan, but there are several other beneficial reasons to consider a refi. All of these may not apply to your personal financial situation, but we bet at least one applies to you! 1. Your Borrower...
Language of the Loan - Interest Rates
                        Have you ever said to yourself, "I'm not really sure how interest rates even work?" No need to worry — that's what we're here for! You are definitely not...
Is It Worth It to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?
                           Paying off debt as soon as possible is always a good thing - but does that rule apply to mortgage debt? Is making an extra payment each month to pay off...