How to Get Your House Ready for the Ball

The process of selling your home can be stressful, and getting the process started can seem overwhelming. Should you make repairs? Maybe upgrade that carpet? Overhaul your front and back yard to impress prospective buyers? The last thing you probably want to do is dump a bunch of money into a home you are looking to leave. But in order to get the highest value you can for your home, and make the house selling process go smoothly, you’ll need to take steps to ensure that your property is ready to be shown to the outside world.

Here’s our list of the Top 3 SIMPLE things to do before you list your home for sale.

Refresh Those Walls (and Ceilings) 

Painting the walls of your home is one of those upgrades that won’t cost a lot, but can make a big impression on prospective buyers. Freshening up the walls will make your home look cleaner, and lighter colors of paint can make rooms appear larger and the overall layout look more streamlined. New paint is especially important in rooms where there is any visible wear, or in rooms which have unique or darkly colored walls.

Declutter. Then Declutter Some More

Buyers want to envision themselves (and their stuff) fitting comfortably in your home – so don’t crowd their vision with your personal items. Clutter makes homes look busy and crowded, and can result in a huge turn-off for buyers. Excessive furniture and knick-knacks can also make homes appear smaller than they are. If renting a storage unit is not something you can afford, move additional furniture and extraneous items into a single room; ideally an attic or a basement. You want to send the message to prospective buyers that your home is large and spacious, and ready for all of their stuff!

Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned

This is one of the most important tips we can offer – and it’s one that realtors and mortgage professionals often find is ignored the most! Prospective buyers don’t want to clean up your mess. Don’t give anyone viewing your home a reason to be distracted a tour. We highly recommend having a professional service come in to perform a deep cleaning of your space. If that is outside your budget, then you’ll need to dedicate several hours to thoroughly scrubbing your home from top to bottom. Make sure you get those out-of-the-way areas and spaces, such as the inside of ovens, microwaves, and drawers. A dirty home can send the message that you haven’t been concerned about keeping up your property. And why would anyone want to buy a home that may be hiding dirty secrets behind closed doors?