Reasons to Refinance When Rates are Rising - 5 Examples











Five Scenarios That Suggest Now Is the Right Time To Refinance

1. Your ARM is due to reset soon

If your adjustable rate mortgage is due to reset within the next year or so, switching loans now could save quite a bit. Whether switching to a fixed-rate mortgage or another ARM, changing your about-to-expire ARM means that your rate is guaranteed for a longer time, despite market fluctuations.

2. You want to consolidate loans

Student loans, medical bills, and credit cards typically have higher interest rates than even the highest mortgage rates. If you are looking save money by consolidating your loans into a lower interest rate mortgage, refinancing can make it happen. You'll also have the convenience of getting rid of multiple payments. Sometimes the additional cost comes from accidentally missing a payment, resulting in late fees.

3. Your credit improved

If your credit score has increased since you first got your original mortgage, then refinancing could make sense. The best rates and loan programs are often reserved for those with favorable credit scores. So if you weren't able to qualify for a special home loan program before, you could be eligible now!

Depending on when you first got your loan, there could be new programs now that didn't exist before. This is often the case in the mortgage industry --new home loan programs are made available all the time, and eligibility standards adjust as both the market and federal regulations change.

4. Your income has increased

If your income has increased since you last qualified, your debt-to-income ratio has likely also changed. More disposable income with little or no difference in your debt makes you much less of a "credit risk." And just like the above scenario, you'll likely qualify for mortgage programs this time around that you didn't before.

So if you've gotten a raise, your spouse has gotten a raise, or if you changed employment and now earn more, then refinancing your current mortgage may be right for you.

5. Your home is located in a "hot market" area

If you live in an area where property values are rising, and you want to use your home equity, then you'll want to consider a cash-out refinance. Remember that your property is an investment, and the potential earnings from rising home values is often your best option when you need cash. Use the money to make home improvements, help pay for your children's college tuition, or anything that a lump sum of money is required.

Everyone’s financial situation and goals are different, and truthfully, now may not be the best time to refinance your loan. But how will you know if you don't talk to a professional?

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